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6 simple steps to shape your body

  • 🤝 Commit to change. Nothing changes if nothing changes in your day. Make a plan. When and where will you exercise? Understand that obstacles will come up but keep pressing forward.
  • 📚 Make specific goals. Feeling better or more energy are GRET goals, but hard to measure. Be as detailed and make a timeline and steps along the way.
  • 🤝 Commit to your nutrition. This is SUCH A HUGE obstacle that is keeping you from the results you want. There is so much nuance here. No body is the exact same.
  • 📚 Create a workout plan. IS your goal weight loss? Muscle growth? Both? Workouts will look different, depending.
  • 🤝 Work on your mindset! This is so powerful and may feel like a step you can skip. I assure you that you would be wrong. What are the stories you tell yourself, about yourself? Write it down. Then rewrite your own story.
  • 📞 Get a COACH. Those with coaches are 80% (!!!) more successful than those without a coach. Find one that you relate to, that feels like they are in your head and you love their message.
  • By following these steps, you will CHANGE your body, you mind, and your energy!
  • I would love to discuss this with you when you are ready!

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