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Nutrition Myths revealed

Let’s talk about some often heard, but NOT helpful nutrition advice.

First: cutting out entire food groups. If you lost 20 pounds on keto, then gained it back after- that actually means keto does not work for you. 🤯

Second: obsessively focusing on what not to eat. Creating feelings of resentment, deprivation, and maybe even retaliation 😜Instead: focus on what you should eat. What makes you feel great in your body and feel strong.

Thinking tracking your food is super annoying and too much work when you are trying to do a body recomp. Tracking provides you with so much information! For me, I was shooting myself in the foot overeating (mostly super healthy) foods. Tracking also shows you easy hacks in your meals to shave off a few calories- worth your time.

Searching for healthy choices at the party, restaurant or the event. Instead: plan ahead! Will you be drinking? How much? Can you look at menu beforehand? These things really help take the pressure off in the moment.

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