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Why you maybe working hard and not seeing results

IS THIS YOU? “I really want to build muscle and I work so FREAKING hard and don’t see any change.” 😳

You are moving everyday. You burn a ton of calories. But yet, nothing is changing really. For example, you take tons of classes and the only way you feel like you got a “good workout” is if you leave almost dead! We have all done these types of workouts. I am asking you to reconsider. 🤚

I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. This could be completely unproductive. You are exhausting yourself all the time overall-systematically. It may work against you and it may get harder to get results in one particular muscle group. The stress becomes generalized and fatigue overall sets in. 🥵🥵🥵

IF you want RESULTS? You need a specific plan that is progressing and specific. In fact, if you are are just doing different exercises all the time, your body is taking on overall stress and not trying to grow and repair one muscle group (this is how muscle grows! ) 🌹

It is also worth mentioning that some stress (increase in cortisol) is GOOD for our bodies and causes change and growth. But if you are overexerting with no recoveries, you will decrease your results. (IE staying in a Zone 4-5 heart rate for 45 min or more)

Also, good to know? When you’re choosing exercises that are productively loading muscles but not necessarily stressing your whole body it might feel challenging to the muscle but might not feel overall exhausting for your body and so people think that it’s not effective. Something to think about though: how difficult it felt for the muscle group that you are trying to target. 🤗🤗🤗It’s lifting close to the failure point. That is the stress that is needed to grow. You won’t necessarily be a sweaty mess on the ground but that is NOT the measure!

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